What else we have been up to…

We have been having Scrabble Championships, Parachute Play, Garden Club and Elephant Day, where everyone had fun trying to catch doughnuts whilst wearing an elephant mask.

American April

The residents enjoyed American food tasting for American April.

Easter fun

It’s Easter at Arcot! So fun was had with an Easter Egg Hunt. Joyce and Val were the lucky ones but everyone had some mini eggs to enjoy.

Getting Arty

In the Art room we have been focussing on Geometric Art.

Our first visit from Jessie

Rosie bought her dog Jessie in to visit us. There was a lot of excitement when Jessie arrived. Petting Jessie bought back many happy memories for residents who used to have dogs. Jessie enjoyed the attention and a sneaky treat or two. Jessie went home a full and tired pup. We look forward to seeing Jessie in the future.

Mexican March

We had an armchair travel to Mexico where we dressed up in Sombreros and wore authentic Mexican moustaches, while trying out various Mexican dishes cooked up by Jane.
Who looked the most menacing Mexican? We dare not say, but everyone had a great time and loved the food!

In the Garden

We had a fun gardening quiz outside in Arcot garden, where everyone enjoyed some March sunshine and answered some questions on gardening.

Tramway Art Exhibition

We have been busy working on our art exhibit for the Seaton Tramway Art Exhibition Competition. We have entered the category ‘Animals of Seaton Wetlands’. Trevor gathered driftwood, shells and pebbles from local beaches as the medium for the exhibit. Our imaginative group created ‘Doris the Dinosaur’. Doris looks amazing and we are wishing them good luck with their entry.

Art Club

Art Club went all spring-like when the residents made Daffodils from tissue paper. We used the same ideas as before when we made the table decorations, but this time used different shades of yellow and orange. Betty said it was one of the most beautiful things she had ever done, while Jeanne gave advice on where to put all the flowers on the window.   We started our Spring Tree in the lovely dining room window. Jeanne, Mary, Jeff, Val, Jill and Joyce started off by painting a flower of their choice and colouring it in. While we let these dry, we then searched through some old magazines Trevor, our Activity Organiser, had brought in. Everyone chose a picture of food or vegetables to cut out to use in a collage as the backdrop.  We then made a tree trunk and put that on the window, followed by the collage and then the flowers which we had cut out. We will add a few more things to it, but everyone loved the activity and was amazed at how good it looked when we put it all together.

New Deputy Manager at Aroct House

It is with great pleasure we can announce that Sally O’Sullivan has been promoted to the position of Deputy Manager at Arcot House with effect from 1 February. Sally brings a wealth of experience to the position. We wish Sally all the very best in her new role.